Quality policy

The Management of the Centro Tecnológico del Mar-Fundación CETMAR (CETMAR Foundation) is firmly committed to quality standards, innovation, security and safekeeping of the information and knowledge managed by this Foundation. CETMAR has a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015.

To this end, the Management assumes its involvement in organizing effectively human, material and economic resources to ensure the proper functioning of the Management System and its continuous improvement. CETMAR stands up for prevention rather than correction, as well as for participation and collaboration of all workers as a key element to satisfy the interests of our employees, customers and all the organizations interested in our activity.

The Management is responsible for the implementation of the guidelines set out in the quality policy, as well as for its periodic review in order to adapt it to the goals of the organization. The Management is also in charge of communicating the contents of the Management System to all the staff and stakeholders.

All this aims to guarantee a quality service subject to continuous improvement.

20th September, 2019


Paloma Rueda Crespo

Managing Director