Consisting of Direction and General Secretary, this area is in charge of the management and administration of the centre.

Marine Environment and Resources Control and Management

The protection of coastal and marine environment especially on the fight against marine pollution, including prevention and mitigation of marine litter and the sustainable management of marine resources.

International Cooperation

Cooperation with third countries in the fisheries and aquaculture industries by promoting the extension plans, the development of training plans, the design of strategic plans and the support to the productive sectors.

Education & Training

Maritime education and training as well as scientific dissemination and oceanic culture as the means to improve the quality of life in the maritime-fisheries sector.

Technology Promotion & Transfer

Technology promotion and knowledge management to ensure the transfer of results towards users, hence innovation. The activities include surveillance of the technological environment and the prospective analysis.

Fisheries Socioeconomics

Fisheries management and governance, development of socioeconomics, market and social impact reports, specialized in the interaction with stakeholders.

Fishery Products Technology

Development of projects and services regarding by-products and marine resources valorisation, food safety, industrial process and other environmental subjects.

Marine Technologies Unit

Marine and coastal monitoring along with development and adaptation of new technologies for the marine environment. Supply of specific products and services for final users.